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Castell, Texas began in 1847 as a land grant settled by "German free thinkers" It remains so today. As one of the last frontiers of real freedom, Castell remains simple, clean, and without any official guvment. It is a place where a person can make their own destiny, without the fetters of a society gone to the bureaucrats. It is home to many generations of original pioneer stock-hardy, kind, independent and fiercely protective of their rights and community ties.... This is not, however, in any way a "typical backward" small town! Castell is home to a digital recording and video studio, writers, artists and progressive German descendants. It features several historic buildings, old churches, cemeteries, Llano River views,the Castell General Store, a Post Office and Community Club. A person can come here, relax, fish, kayak, make music and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Drop us a note!
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