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The Old Castell School House!

School Beginnings

The Castell School is thought to have begun in 1852 when the first worship services were held in this little village on the Llano River, settled mostly by immagrants of German descent. The town of Castell had its beginnings with a settlement on the North side of the river, several miles east of the present town.

Charles lehmberg, Sr., a well- known cattleman and trail driver of the early days, was the first person to settle on the south side of the Llano River. He operated the Lehmberg Store there. Theodore Buholz came to Castell from Fredericksburg in 1881 and bought the Lehmberg Store. He then moved it up the river to the present townsite. Thus began the settlement of Castell at its present location.

Castell School Marker
Castell SchoolPrevious Condition
Benefit @ The School House raised money to repair the school haus!

The Castell Frankonia Connection!

while researching about Castell/Texas I found your homepage! Id like to ask
you to help me with establishing a connection between our villages, Castell/
Texas and my homevillage Castell/Frankonia (a small but most important
part of Bavaria/Germany.
Castell/Texas was founded by Earl Friedrich Carl zu Castell-Castell,
chairman of the former German Aristocracy Associaton in Mainz/Germany.
(Mainzer Adelsverein) During the first half of the 19th century, Earl Castell
has been one of the leading persons in promoting the settlement of the
German Aristocracy in Texas. To honor him, they named your village near
the Llano River "Castell". Our present prince Albrecht zu Castell-Castell, a descendant of the Earl,
visited your village some years ago. But only a few people in Castell/Germany
still know that there exist an village with the same name in Texas/USA and that
it has the same roots. ( from Heinrich Salm, Fankonia)

Info from Patty Pfeister from her upcoming book on Castell, Texas

I don't know if you know this, but In 1981 Castell was visited by
descendants of nobleman Count Friedrich Ludwig Castell of Castell, Germany
after whom the Community of Castell was named. Prince Albrecht Castell, his
wife Princess Maria Louise Castell, and their son Count George Castell, all
from Castell, Germany, were given a royal welcome by the Community of
Castell (Texas). They were taken on a tour of ranches in the Castell
Community and honored at a covered dish dinner at the Castell School.


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